About Us

Edgewood Management is an SEC registered investment adviser originally formed in 1974 as a family office providing asset management services to family groups and substantial net worth individuals. Edgewood currently manages assets on behalf of individuals, family groups and institutions including endowments, foundations and pension plans.

We are 100% employee owned by 11 partners and we strive to provide the highest level of service to our clients.

What Sets Edgewood Apart

Edgewood believes its people are the key competitive advantage. Rather than relying on one CIO, Edgewood employs a strong and coordinated team approach for all investment decisions. Edgewood maintains the utmost commitment to excellence and holds everyone in the firm to high standards. There is an unmistakable and infectious passion, energy, camaraderie, and respect among all employees.


Edgewood's strategy employs a 22-stock portfolio. The portfolio's weightings range between 2% and 8% where the largest weightings represent the most attractively valued companies or the companies with the biggest upside potential. This portfolio construction discipline forces Edgewood to highlight growth and ensures that a high level of scrutiny is paid to all companies in which it is considering an investment.

Diversity of Thought

Edgewood believes diversity of thought and experience strengthens its team and drives its investment process to be successful. We aim to employ people of all cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds to bring unique viewpoints to the team.